We enjoy helping you improve your health and achieve your fitness goals. It's been a pleasure working with these individuals and watching them change their lives!



What was your biggest challenge prior to joining SchmidtFitt?

"Staying on track while traveling because I wasn't motivated. Also, it's easier to not hold yourself accountable."

How did that challenge make you feel?

Discouraged and like giving up.

What changed after joining?

Knowing I wasn't doing this journey alone helps keep me focused and coming back week after week.

What results can you share?

I'm 20 pounds down from where I started but I'm also healthier mentally and physically. I'm stronger and feel more knowledgeable about my workouts.

What would you say to someone on the fence about hiring a personal trainer?

I can't speak for all personal trainers but if it's Ryan, do it! It's something you won't regret. He is fantastic at what he does and is just a great person. 

Anything else to add?

Ryan really goes beyond for this clients. He is truly invested in getting you to a happier, healthier you. He is so motivating and supportive. I cannot say enough good things about my experience as a client with him.

Michele Before and After.JPG

Michele Marandola

"Ryan is awesome! I've always gone into the gym and kind of winged it, but he has helped me learn how to use all sorts of equipment and weights. He dedicates enough time to ensure I am improving and is a constant source of motivation and encouragement. I definitely recommend Ryan!"

Jen 2.jpg

Jennifer Fleming

"Ryan's great!!! Keeps things interesting, is amazingly flexible, committed to your success! Proud to be a Schmidt Fit client."

Trina biceps.jpg

Trina Coppock

"In only 5 sessions I could see & feel a difference. Ryan is amazing. Put in the work & he will get you to your goals! Highly recommend him to everyone!"